The Silk Road from China

Special times call for special measures
When the pandemic wave swept over Denmark, a sudden need for protective equipment arose. At the company Office Danmark, which specializes in office products consulting and sales of office supplies, the decision was quickly made to step in and use its good manufacturer contacts to procure masks, gloves, and the like. Recently, the company has therefore turned its focus from office products to getting the life-saving protective equipment home from China on a regular basis.

The world market is in a time of unrest and upheaval
When most countries around the world, and thus also the global economy, shut down, airlines from one day to the next experienced that virtually their entire business foundation disappeared like a bolt from the blue.

This had a major impact on the freight market, as passenger flights usually carry a lot of goods in the "belly" along with the ordinary luggage. The capacity problems quickly resulted in higher freight rates, if it was at all possible to get goods delivered by air. Office Danmark, therefore, realized the need for expert competencies within international forwarding.

"It is a rather hectic period to have to navigate in. Therefore, it quickly dawned on us that we should have a skilled logistics partner with the connections in order, and an overview of and access to the global supply lines. Fortunately, we found just that,” says Morten Nørregaard Andersen, owner of Office Danmark.

The choice fell on LEMAN, which through the pandemic process has been forced to think in other modes of transport and alternative solutions. For Office Danmark, this means that in its recent shipments, use has been made of the latest addition to logistics solutions, the 2020 version of the Silk Road; a truck driving directly from China. The distance can furthermore be traversed in about half the time compared to the typical alternative to air freight, sea freight.

Zero worries and more time for the core business
Office Danmark has now been collaborating with LEMAN for a longer period, and that is not going to change for the time being - despite regular inquiries from other international freight forwarding companies.

"LEMAN has blown me backwards from the start. We have a close and very positive relationship, which is what I expect from a partner. I get informed on an ongoing basis when needed and it gives huge peace of mind. Then I can concentrate fully on servicing my own customers,” says Morten Nørregaard Andersen and adds:

“I experience a really high level of service at LEMAN, which I have not experienced with any of my former logistics suppliers. "Going the extra mile" has become a somewhat tedious expression, but in LEMAN's case, I think it holds water. I know I get the right solution every time and LEMAN comes up with new ideas on how our collaboration can evolve continuously. I consider LEMAN to be an extremely professional and valuable supply chain sparring partner”.

Office Danmark

  • Sells and consults on printing and copying solutions, office supplies, furniture, printed materials, ink, and hardware
  • Provides Danish businesses with personal protective equipment during the ongoing pandemic
  • Headquarters in Skævinge, Denmark

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