20 tons of potatoes handling machine
Agricultural packaging machines of the future

When vegetable growers and the agricultural industry need special solutions for tillage, cultivating, and packaging fresh products, RJ Maskiner in Sweden is the answer. The company provides customized machines and complete lines – all the way from design, field adaptation, and assembly to final installation and start-up.

As a regular customer, RJ Maskiner uses LEMAN as logistics and transportation supplier. And when large machines requires non-standard solutions, RJ Maskiner has entrusted LEMAN as partner for transporting heavy machinery and special project transports.

“In order move an almost 20-meters long machine for potato handling, LEMAN handled the transportation from France to Sweden”, says Göran Jonsson from RJ Maskiner and continues: “All links in the logistics chain are important to our customers. We are therefore pleased that the transport went really fast and easy, as LEMAN handled all permits, certificates, and papers in a hurry.”

Michael Marnfeld, Road Director at LEMAN Sweden adds: “For us, it is important to act quickly and agilely when our customers face a challenge. In this way we can collaborate and tailor to our customers' needs in the best possible way."

The specific potato handling machine measures 18,9 x 4,3 x 3,8 meters and weighs about 20.000 kilos. 


Vegetable growers' machines

Facts about RJ Maskiner:

  • State-of-the-art agricultural machinery supplier
  • Founded in Sweden in 1970
  • Complete program from tillage to packaged goods
  • Provides the agricultural industry with customized machines and complete production lines
  • Owned subsidiary by the Norwegian company, Grönt AS


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