French unions want to cause “zero transport” havoc on 19 January

Shortly after the presentation of the new pension reform, France's unions announced a one-day strike on January 19 in protest

17. januar

Dear customer and business partner,

Please notice that Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne recently announced that people in France will have to work two years longer, until the age of at least 64, before retiring.

In response, all unions have called for a nationwide day of strikes and protests on 19 January. Workers at state-owned rail company SNCF and state-owned public transport operator RATP have already filed strike notices. This means both local and national public transport services across the country are likely to be delayed or cancelled.

However, we are not sure if this will have an effect on the goods that were to be delivered this week. We may expect delays on the roads. You can go to YourLEMAN and see how far your shipment is.

If you have any questions, please contact your local LEMAN specialist. We are ready to help you.