Heavy congestion on rail transportation

Affecting European and Chinese rail cargo

18. august

Railway maintenance and increased processing time.

Due to railway maintenance work in Terespol in the Eastern part of Poland, trains from Belarus and Asia are not able to pass in the usual flow. At this moment, approx. 3000 wagons are waiting for handover from Belarus towards Poland and the rest of Europe. Furthermore, terminals in Malaszewicze in Poland are heavily overloaded with containers waiting for pick up and further dispatch to Germany.

At the same time, the general peak season affects all main railways, lines, and alternative borders. As a result of this, more than 50 trains in each direction are waiting for handover through Frankfurt Oder. In addition to this, new outbreaks of the covid-19 delta variant in China have significantly increased the processing time for crossing the Chinese borders.

Be aware of delays.

All major rail transport providers are doing their best to solve these challenges. As an example, Deutche Bahn Cargo now sends their trains from China via Kaliningrad and Rostock. However, please expect 10-15 days delay on any rail transport at the moment.

Do you have any further questions?

You are always welcome to contact your personal LEMAN representative to learn more about the situation and alternative logistics solutions.