Sabbatical opportunity

We know that everyone needs a break from work sometimes to recharge and refocus...

That's why we're excited to pilot this opportunity for everyone to apply for paid sabbatical during their time with LEMAN

We hope this opportunity gives you the chance to take a longer break and come back to work feeling rested and rejuvenated

Who is eligible?

You are always eligible to apply for sabbatical, but you must be with LEMAN for at least 3 years to apply for a paid sabbatical. The sabbatical opportunity is lost in case of resignation.

Length of sabbatical

You can choose to either take 1 or 2 full moths of sabbatical. This way it will make it easier for us to manage the administration and ensure correct compensation in this period.


While you are on sabbatical, you will not receive your normal compensation. The compensation you will receive is a fixed amount that will be dependent on 2 things:
1. how long you have been with LEMAN and
2. the length of your sabbatical (1 or 2 full months).

The amount is fixed regardless of current pay level, bonuses etc., however the payout will never exceed your current monthly salary. So, for some this means full pay and for others it will be a part compensation.

How to apply

Are you interested in taking a sabbatical? 

We have two annual deadlines for requesting and processing sabbaticals. We will create a sabbatical committee after each deadline. The committee will consist of managers from the team where people have applied. The committee will review all applications with the goal of approving as many as possible. 


We wish you a great sabbatical and hope that you will appreciate it as much as it was intended when we created it!


Klar til at komme i gang?

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