LEMAN is a global company with offices in many countries around the world

Every day we talk to colleagues and business partners in other countries, and we also constantly encourage our colleagues to seek out an international career. We do this by offering secondments to our offices in other countries. It makes both our colleagues and our business better that we are strengthened by global knowledge and experience. Below you can meet some of our colleagues whom we have sent out into the world.

Forwarding Agent, Air & Sea, Pharma/Healthcare


I loved being a part of the team in the US and the responsibility they gave me. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from my 3 years in the US. Personally, it also gave me a lot as I had to figure out everything on my own. Starting a new life in a new country, getting a new bank account, social security number etc., is something that helps you grow a lot.

USA Trade lane Manager


The USA had been somewhere I'd considered living and working in the past as I've visited many times and have a lot of family across the USA. This opportunity gives me a fantastic chance to continue growing within LEMAN and help develop some of our key trade lanes. The process, once started, was very efficient. It has been great to have the support of management from our People and Culture team. Being able to communicate with external sources on the personal side of the relocation, such as housing, banking and taxes has been great; the assistance with navigating the visa process has been incredibly helpful and made it less scary. The possibility of moving within an organization you already work for is incredible, especially if it involves moving to other countries. It's a fantastic opportunity for people to develop professionally and personally while at the same time seeing the world and getting to understand other cultures.

Finance Director, LEMAN UK


My international experience with LEMAN is a thrilling journey of growth and challenge. Each day presented new opportunities to push my boundaries and exceed expectations. Working alongside diverse colleagues from around the world, I expanded my horizons and developed invaluable skills. The collaborative environment fostered teamwork and innovation, propelling us to remarkable achievements. This experience not only transformed me professionally but also formed lifelong connections with global professionals. I am grateful for the growth and challenges I faced at LEMAN, and I highly recommend it to those seeking an international adventure of limitless potential.

Forwarding Agent, Air & Sea


Since I started my journey with LEMAN DK as a trainee in 2019, I have enjoyed my time and been surrounded by professional and helpful colleagues. I’ve learned a lot so far, and I’m exited to see what the future brings.